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Last weekend, 16 Galfer Bike riders obtained the national title in their specialty and category. They came from 8 different European countries: Spain, France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania and Holland.

It was a very successful weekend for the representatives of Galfer Bike in the different European countries where their national MTB championship has been held simultaneously. Among them, Victor Koretzky (KMC-ekoi-Orbea) obtained the victory in France in the XCO male Elite category with a participation level worthy of the World Cup.

These have been the recent national Galfer Bike champions 2019:
- Victor Koretzky (KMC-ekoi-Orbea): champion of France XCO male Elite.
- Milan Vader (KMC-ekoi-Orbea): champion of Holland XCO male Elite.
- José Borges (Miranda BH): champion of Portugal DHI male Elite.
- Ricardo Marinheiro (Brujulabike): champion of Portugal XCO male Elite.
- Matej Prudek (Cabtech MTB): champion of Czech Republic XCO male Elite.
- Alberto Mingorance (Cannodale): champion of Spain XCE male Elite.
- Annie Last (KMC-ekoi-Orbea): champion of UK de XCO female Elite.
- Githa Michiels (Primaflor-Mondraker): champion of Belgium XCO female Elite.
- Jitka Cabelicka (Cabtech MTB): champion of Czech Republic XCO female Elite.
- Cláudia Galicia (Megamo): champion of Spain XCO female Elite.
- Telma Torregrossa (Canyon): champion of Spain DH female Elite.
- Rocío del Alba (BH Templo Cafés): champion of Spain XCO female U23.
- Jofre Cullell (Megamo): champion of Spain XCO male U23.
- Vlad Dascalu (Brujulabike): champion of Romania XCO male U23.
- Carlos Canal (BH Templo Cafés): champion of Spain XCo male Junior.
- José María Guerrero (Olympia): champion of Spain XCO male Master 40.

In addition, we must add other important national titles achieved in previous weeks:

- Anton Sintsov (Primaflor-Mondraker): champion of Russia XCO male Elite.
- Malene Degn (KMC-ekoi-Orbea): champion of Denmark XCO female Elite.
- Toni Ferreiro (Merida): champion of Spain in Enduro male Elite.
- Gabriel Torralba (Orbea): champion of Spain in Enduro male U21.
- Desiré Duarte (Merida): champion of Spain in Enduro female Elite.

All in all, Galfer Bike representatives are concluding a 2019 season to remember. They have already gathered 21 national titles, up to 4 continental championships and are leading at the moment 2 general classifications of the UCI MTB World Cup. All of them use Disc Wave® discs and Galfer Bike’s brake pads, which undoubtedly help to improve braking performance and obtain better results.

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