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Quality management is essential for the evolution of our products. All pieces are tested under strict quality control measures to ensure the highest degree of safety and performance.

GALFER has obtained the ISO 9001 Quality certified. In order to stay up to date with the current trends and to address the needs of the sector, GALFER is in the process of obtaining the IATF 16949 certification.

Our products have been certified by TÜV (KBA 60811 - 61147 - 61148 - 61197) and the most demanding product standards:

  • ABE 60811: Brake pads, Typ 1054
  • ABE 61147: Fixed brake discs DISC WAVE ®, Typ W
  • ABE 61148: Floating brake discs DISC WAVE ®, Typ FLW
  • ABE 61197: Brake pads, Typ 1375
  • R90 Genehmigung 01285: Brake pads, Typ GALFER 1045

Our quality assurance system reflects our experience after all these years supplying friction materials to the leading automobiles and motorbikes manufacturers.



MISSION: To offer friction materials and components for comprehensive brake system solutions.

VISION: To become an international benchmark for braking systems.


    - INNOVATION: Continual introduction of new technologies to offer improved products to the market.

    - ASSURANCE: Offering solutions fitted to our clients needs and to complying with current laws in all our activities, as well as any other agreed requirements related to the management system.

    - CONFIDENCE: By means of innovation and implementation of a quality management system based on continual improvement.

    - EFFICIENCY: Encouraging teamwork and facilitating direct and customized attention to our clients and complying with all our products specifications.

    - SUSTAINABILITY: Respecting the environment and minimizing the environmental impact.

    - SAFETY: Investing and training to guarantee the maximum safety and occupational health.

    - ACCOUNTABILITY: Ethical and responsible management in all our activities.

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    Galfer Moto/Bike: (+34) 93 568 99 69
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